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We develop tailored solutions. To shape the future of rearing on your farm.

Every day, we work hard to create the optimum conditions for lamb, kid and calf rearing activities on your farm. Our top priority is to develop innovative technologies to ensure your farm's success. Knowing that your working hours are shortened and the welfare of your animals is improved through our ideas is what drives us forward. This is why we talk about solutions rather than simply products we bring to the market. Solutions that are efficient, profitable and sustainable. Solutions designed to future-proof an entire industry. Solutions that improve animal welfare. Solutions for you.

As a family business with an agricultural background, we understand the various challenges involved in your day-to-day life on the farm. Housing, feeding, animal welfare and hygiene are all issues you are concerned with on a daily basis. This is why we utilise our 35 years of experience, our expertise and our passion to develop modern, clear-cut solutions that are tailored to the needs of livestock farmers. Farmers like you. We are your one-stop shop – all around the world.

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Für die Lamb and kid rearing
Automatic Feeding Systems
Lamb Health

Holistic health for calves, lambs and kids

Productivity, health and growth – the progression of an animal's life is shaped decisively during its first few months. This is true for both calf rearing as well as lamb and kid rearing. Our holistic solutions are aimed at helping you to create the best conditions for optimum animal health within your own rearing programme.

Working sustainably and efficiently

Using innovative solutions, we aim to help you achieve greater efficiency and profitability on your farm. Put simply: less work, more control, and a sense of reassurance. Our solutions are designed to make your daily workload and that of your team members noticeably easier, while also minimising the time you spend. So you have more time to take care of other tasks.

Innovative technology for the barn of the future

To ensure we always provide you with the best technology, we are constantly on the look-out for modern, innovative approaches to improve and develop our range of products. To future-proof the industry and ensure your success. To achieve this, we keep in contact with farmers and experts on a regular basis.