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Innovative. Modern. Efficient. Available worldwide. For successful calf, lamb and kid rearing.

Urban develops efficient solutions for farmers. Our continual discussions with farmers from around the world enable us to develop solutions that address real problems. Rather than focusing on profit, we focus on the needs of the industry.

Sustainable and future-proof.

Over 100 employees ensure that our products are available in over 60 countries across five continents. Founded in 1984 in Wüsting, Lower Saxony, Germany, we develop, manufacture and market all our products at and from this site. We use our knowledge and expertise to create sustainable, future-proof calf, lamb and kid rearing solutions.


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Farmers and dealer worldwide

In-house production

Vision of a sustainable rearing

We offer more than just products. We share our knowledge. We are a reliable partner who speaks your language.

Holistic health for calves, lambs and kids

The first few months of an animal's life are a deciding factor in how fast it will grow. And how well it will perform for the rest of its life. This is true in calf rearing as well as lamb and kid rearing. Our products enable you to create the best conditions for rearing your livestock and to ensure optimum animal health.

Working sustainably and efficiently

Using innovative solutions, we can help you to achieve greater efficiency and profitability on your farm. Put simply: less work, more control, and a sense of reassurance. Our products are designed to make your work easier, to minimise the amount of time you spend on tasks and to improve the welfare of your animals.

Innovative technology for the barn of the future

To achieve this, we at Urban are constantly on the lookout for modern, clear-cut approaches to further developing our product range for the good of the industry as a whole. In addition, we keep in contact with farmers and experts on a regular basis.

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Whether you’re on the hunt for a custom solution for your rearing system, or you’re interested in our products, feel free to get in touch! Our skilled advisers will find the optimum solution for you and your rearing programme, with no obligation.

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