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Each barn is as unique as the animals it houses. With that in mind, the aim at our barn tours is for us to work with you to find out which concept is the best fit for your calves, lambs or kids. See for yourself in person! Our barn tours take place on farms that have successfully increased the efficiency of their rearing operations through either converting an existing barn or building a new one from scratch. The solutions we have implemented on these farms incorporate feeding, hygiene and climate aspects, with the goal of optimal animal health. Urban barn tours – come and take a look, join the conversation and expand your network while you're at it.

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Because of the corona pandemic there are currently no stable tours. As soon as they are possible again, we will inform you. You can also find a large selection of finished barn tours in our social networks.

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Current event reports

| Urban Calf Tour - Event Report
| Urban Calf Tour - Event Report
| Urban Calf Tour - Event Report

Calf barn tour

Take a look around in person – you’ll learn everything you need to know about the optimum barn concept on our calf barn tour.


Lamb and kid barn tour

You can see our modern barn concepts for yourself on our lamb and kid barn tour.


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