Calf barn tour

Join us on a calf barn tour.

If you're planning to restructure your calf barn, our calf barn tour is for you! You can take a look around the farm in person and experience first-hand the positive effect a new barn concept can have on rearing. Whether you are getting to grips with hygiene issues or are unhappy with how your group of calves is currently organised, together we’ll find out which is the best solution for rearing on your farm. In doing so, we always bear the welfare of your animals in mind and do our best to make your day-to-day work noticeably easier at the same time.

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Because of the corona pandemic there are currently no stable tours. As soon as they are possible again, we will inform you. You can also find a large selection of finished barn tours in our social networks.

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Current event reports

| Urban Calf Tour - Event Report
| Urban Calf Tour - Event Report
| Urban Calf Tour - Event Report

Elements of calf health

Next to our Urban feeding technology, we would like to present you other elements that can contribute to successful rearing. Local companies offer you all the important information about calfrearing e.g. about individual feed mixes, the optimum milk powder for your calves or ideas for construction or rebuilding of your barn.

Reference Companies

Calf rearing farm TsmeenSaudi Arabia30003000 calves per year - more info
Dairy Farm LoertsGermanyWestoverledingen< 20060 dairy cows - more info
Dairy Farm KoopmannGermanyBerne< 200150 dairy cows 80 – 90 calves per year - more info
Dairy Farm SteffensGermanyKrummhörn< 20095 dairy cows 40– 45 calves per year Season calving - more info
Dairy Farm DodenhoffGermanyBothel> 200120 dairy cows approx. 100 calves / year 1000 pigs 500 KW Biogas - more info
Dairy Farm PetersenGermanyRiesbriek< 200100 dairy cows 30 – 40 calves per year - more info
Dairy Farm HayeGermanyBrake< 200140 dairy cows / own breeding 140 ha of grassland - more info
Dairy Farm HeimannGermanyAhlenCalf rearing Bull fattening - more info
Dairy Farm Tuomas LaukkonenFinlandKortesjärvi< 200150 dairy cows own breeding - more info
Dairy Farm Gaec Delacroix LegainFranceFourg< 200120 dairy cows - more info
Dairy Farm Gaec Simon des CombottesFranceDomprel< 20065 dairy cows - more info
Dairy Farm Gaec RobertFranceSommerécourt< 20055 cows / 40 bulls - more info
Dairy Farm Two Pools FarmEnglandBristol> 2001000 dairy cows - more info
Dairy farm ChurachikskoeRussia> 200667 dairy cows - more info
Janssen GbRGermanyJever< 200220 cows and 350 bulls - more info
Dairy Farm RiechersGermanySulingen< 200600 calves per year - Feeder rearing - more info
Dairy Farm CasuchoSpain< 200Feeder rearing, 1400 calves per year - more info
Dairy Farm CanedoSpain< 200dairy farm with 600 cows - more info
Dairy Farm MüllerGermany> 200280 dairy cows - -
Olde BolhaarNetherlands< 200160 dairy cows / own breeding 80 - -
Dairy Farm Henk HakkersNetherlands< 200100 dairy cows - -

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