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Alma Pro L

Efficient and modern – lamb and kid rearing with the Alma Pro L.

Rearing lambs and kids professionally is demanding and time-consuming. The Urban Alma Pro L was designed to help you deal with these very issues. Our technology combines a reliable feeding machine with a modern animal health management system. Each lamb or kid receives the exact amount of milk to which it is entitled, and which specifically supports its development. This not only benefits the individual lamb or kid, but also the entire group. What’s more, our system gives you individual control over each animal in the group. How much milk is a specific lamb or kid drinking? What is the temperature of the milk? Are my lambs and kids healthy? You can access this information at any time from the screen in the barn or from your mobile phone while on the go.


Rearing lambs and kids based on their needs thanks to automated feeding.

Young lambs and kids benefit especially from an optimised feeding regime that is tailored to their needs, i.e. small amounts of milk multiple times a day. A process that does not require a huge amount of time thanks to automated feeding. With the Alma Pro L, not only can you feed milk to your lambs and kids multiple times a day, you can also adapt the feeding cycles to the individual needs of each animal. Our complete solution also ensures that the concentration and temperature of the milk always remain constant.

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Monitor and improve the health of your lambs and kids.

Constant control, wherever you are. With the Alma Pro L, you have the choice to access health updates about your individual lambs and kids or your whole flock. All the relevant data, available at a glance. Modern technology that enables you to take timely action and actively improve the health of your animals. For a healthy group of lambs and kids and a sustainable rearing programme.

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Powerful and reliable – work is noticeably easier.

When feeding manually, most of your time is consumed by mixing up liquid feed, feeding it to your animals and cleaning buckets, but thanks to the Alma Pro L, these work steps are eliminated. In addition to a heated mixing container, the system also includes an integrated boiler as well as temperature sensors and an auger for the powder. Our powerful technology works reliably around the clock. It gives you constant control over each step, while at the same time, you have more capacity for other tasks.

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Multifunctional use for small or large groups of lambs or kids.

When considering how to develop our products, we focus on practical solutions that work straight away. As such, our Alma Pro L feeding machine is suitable for farms with small or large groups of lambs and/or kids. The Alma Pro L is equipped with a dual feeding station as standard and reliably detects each lamb or kid by its ear tag via an antenna. An integrated sensor enables simultaneous feeding at both suckling points so that you can feed both small and large groups of lambs and/or kids in a welfare-orientated and professional manner.

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