Lamb and kid rearing

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Lamb and kid rearing

Modern lamb and kid rearing – individual and tailored to needs

It all comes down to balance. Lambs and kids are highly sensitive animals. Anyone wanting to run a successful yet welfare-orientated livestock rearing business must prioritise the specific feeding needs of their animals in addition to their overall welfare. The feeding regime should be aligned to the individual needs of each animal at all times.

Rearing lambs and kids is a complex task. This is why we have developed solutions that are intended to help you save resources and take your livestock rearing operations to a whole new level.

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Lambs and kids need a lot of attention, particularly during their first few weeks of life. Welfare-orientated feeding is crucial to giving such sensitive animals the best start in life. This means feeding them intensively in lots of small doses. When developing our solutions, we not only have the welfare of your animals in mind, but also your workload. So, we provide you with technology that enables you to feed your animals using an ultra-modern, professional approach. All without you losing any time. In fact, it saves you time instead.

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The health of each individual animal is not only decisive for its own future – illness in a single lamb or kid can affect the whole group. It can then have a negative impact on your rearing programme in the long term. With this in mind, we have developed solutions to detect health problems as early as possible. Our technology enables you to check on the individual health status of your lambs and kids at any time, anywhere, and to take action as soon as it is needed. For healthy animals. And peace of mind.

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