Calf hutch

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Calf hutch

Optimum support for outdoor calf rearing.

Calves that spend a lot of time in the fresh air during their first few weeks of life are not only very robust, they also have good immune defences, making them less susceptible to illness. Urban's high-quality calf hutches are the ideal solution for rearing calves outdoors either individually or in groups. These little huts give your animals the protection they need from the elements, provide an appropriate climate and serve as a place of retreat. What’s more, the clever design of our calf hutches makes mucking them out on a daily basis easier, and they are multi-functional. The hutches are available in sizes S, L and XL, and can be fitted with a wide variety of handy extras on request.

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Robust calf hutches for efficient rearing.

To ensure the welfare of your calves and to protect them from all types of weather, Urban calf hutches are lined with glass fibre-reinforced polyester, making them especially robust. But comfort isn't the only advantage for your calves – our hutches are designed to provide a welfare-orientated climate and a good amount of ventilation. You can also save yourself some manual work, for example when mucking out.

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Well-designed system to cope with changing demands.

Our calf hutch solutions are well-designed and tried and tested on farms. Everything is designed to satisfy the ever-changing demands of farming. Optional extras include a fence installed around your hutches and teat buckets for placing in the special holders. What’s more, the gates are easy to open and can even be removed. This is particularly handy when mucking out the calf hutches. The feed fences can also be lifted up easily for mucking out.

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Mobile calf hutches – day-to-day convenience.

Professional calf rearing is a dynamic operation. Daily processes are hard to plan, and sometimes speed is of the essence. Because we speak to farmers and experts regularly in the context of solutions, we try to think through every eventuality. This is why our calf hutches are equipped with transport hooks and robust wheels. This enables the pens to be transported comfortably and virtually effortlessly from one location to another.

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Single or group housing – we have the right calf hutch for you.

Urban calf hutches are a proven solution for both single and group housing. The XL version gives you the option to accommodate up to five calves simultaneously. The hutches are easy to clean and have optimum air quality due to their small vents in the roof. The smooth covering of the inner walls actively reduces bacteria, thus contributing to the health of the group. In contrast to the S and L models, the group model is also available with a feed fence. And the side gate on the run enables you to easily step inside and check on your animals.

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