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Efficient calf rearing with the Alma Pro.

The welfare of each animal is a critical aspect of an effective calf rearing programme. The Urban Alma Pro supports you with this on all levels. Our reliable technology takes on the regular task of feeding your calves. In doing so, each animal receives the exact amount of milk to which it is entitled. This promotes healthy growth – for the rest of the group too. What’s more, the system enables you and your team to have individual control over each animal. When did a calf last drink? What is its health status? What is the temperature of the milk? All this information is accessible at any time, both on the stationary display or on a mobile device on the go. Carrying and rinsing out buckets, mixing batches – with our innovative solution for modern and efficient calf rearing, none of this necessary.

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Automated feeding for rearing calves based on needs.

Calves benefit from being fed small amounts of milk multiple times a day for their development. The Urban Alma Pro transforms common day-to-day challenges into one convenient work step. Your calves are fed compassionately and individually around the clock, the milk concentration and temperature remain constant, and you and your team have noticeably less work. The Alma Pro is a complete solution that enables you to respond to the individual needs of each calf at any time. At the same time, you are able to organise your work processes more efficiently.

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Individual health management for calf rearing on your farm.

The Alma Pro allows you to check and evaluate the health status of individual calves or a whole group at any time, regardless of your location, giving you all the relevant data at a glance. So that you can always intervene if there is a problem. What’s more, the Alma Pro ensures your barn is hygienically sound, since all milk-carrying components are protected from external elements and the system is fitted with a fully automatic cleaning programme.

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Powerful and reliable – work is noticeably easier.

Our innovative solution alleviates both you and your team. When rearing calves, most of your time is taken up by mixing liquid feed, feeding the calves and cleaning buckets. The Alma Pro takes these work steps off your hands. Its integrated, powerful technology, including heated mixing container, boiler, powder auger and temperature sensors, works reliably around the clock. It gives you control over each step whenever you want, yet frees up your time to spend on other tasks.

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Multifunctional for use in single, combined or group housing.

Our focus is on farm-specific solutions that work straight away. As such, our Alma Pro feeding robot is suitable for both individual and group housing. Even a combination of both variants is possible thanks to the well-designed system.

One Alma Pro can simultaneously feed up to four calves individually at separate stations. After rehousing, the system can accommodate a combination of individual and group feeding. At the same time, a single operating terminal can control up to four robots, i.e. 16 feeding stations. The system also enables each animal to be monitored individually, whether they are housed singly or as a group.

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Urban Alma Pro accessories

Small assistants – big relief. Customize your Urban Alma Pro to your needs with the original Urban Accessories. We will be pleased to advise you about how to use the Urban Alma Pro efficiently on your farm.


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Whether your calves are kept in single or group housing, our solutions enable them to develop in a welfare-orientated environment.

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