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Vitality – right from the start.

The health of one animal can determine the welfare of the entire group, and that of your entire calf herd. We have developed systems that sound an alarm as soon as a calf starts acting conspicuously, enabling you to respond quickly.

Our products are designed to create a feeding environment that is as germ free as possible within the blink of an eye. This gives you more time to spend on other tasks. We have perfected our ideas to enable your animals to get off to a healthy start in life and lead a productive life in future.

Our products for your calf health


Precise monitoring for calf rearing – document the health status of your animals.



The EcoProtectorUV-C disinfects contaminated surfaces and kills pathogens using UVC irradiation.



The Alma Pro HygieneSetUV-C prevents chains of infection from spreading within your animal groups.


Urban Alma Pro

Precise feeding and individual control – a complete solution to meet the needs of your calves.


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