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Complete solution of automatic calf feeding: The new calf feeder Urban Alma Pro feeds up to 1.000 calves

Researchers agree: Feeding little portions several times a day is important for the calf in order to reach optimal growth rates. It supports also the development of the calf to become a healthy and productive dairy cow.

With the Urban Alma Pro you can combine intensive rearing with labour saving:

you can customize the amount of work in calf rearing economically, without sacrificing the animal welfare. Cleaning buckets, mixing portions and transporting milk are tasks that can be saved with the use of an automatic feeder.

The Urban Alma Pro knows the individual daily requirement of your calves: Every calf gets exactly the individual entitled amount of milk.

User-friendly feeding via touchscreen: Easy use and data retrieval via the new touchscreen, smartphone or PC.  Unique monitoring and convenient setting and adjustment of feeding curves allow you to feed the animals appropriate to their individual needs and to make calf rearing more efficient and profitable.

Calf health at a glance:  Measurement and control of the consumed amount of milk as well the remaining milk – on the milliliter.

Fitness and feeding condition of the animals are constantly. The grading

system is visually supported by colours. If a calf does not drink enough, the calf feeder Urban Alma Pro will trigger an alarm immediately. That way you can react quickly.

With the Alma Pro you are flexible in feeding milk replacer, whole milk or a combination of both. The Urban Alma Pro calf feeding system offers you almost unlimited possibilities of extensions. The feeders can be expanded into a centrally controlled feeder network, managing up to 1.000 calves. With the parallel system, one feeder can feed up to four calves at the same time. So no waiting times at the drinking station, thus increased machine capacity. With the Urban powder hopper extension you can extend the powder capacity to from 35 to 55 kg. With the Urban Alma Duo you can even extend it to 110kg, or use it to feed two different CMR’s. As a standard Urban offers a fully automatic cleaning program cleaning all milk carrying parts with 2 different detergents alternately.

With the new automatic feeder Alma Pro offers a complete solution of automatic calf feeding. The Urban Alma Pro is an investment, which pays off. 

Further information: Urban GmbH & Co. KG, Tel: 0049 4484-9380-0, www.urbanonline.de