Urban Calf Barn Tour Heimann farm

Visits on 20.10.2019 from 11-17 o'clock

Bull fattening and calf rearing

The Heimann family invested not only in the construction of a new bull pen but also in calf rearing. They build  2 stables for the calves,  one calf barn (80-130 kg), where the calves still get milk, and the feeding barn (130-200 kg), where they are prepared for further fattening.

In the stables, great importance was attached to the efficiency of work and the welfare of the animals. It was also important to the family that the animals had straw bays to lie on. The arrangement of the barrier grids in the calf barn makes it easy to feed the animals or for mucking out. Water absorption is ensured by both nipple and bowl drinkers - depending on the animal's preference. Air hoses are installed in the stables to ensure optimum air supply and quality.

The calves are supplied with milk by 2 automatic calf feeders from Urban (Alma Pro). Each machine feeds 100 animals via 4 drinking stations where the calves can drink milk around the clock.