Urban Calf Barn Tour Haye farm

Family Haye | Brake
Dairy farm 140 cows
Moor road 21
26919 Brake
07.11.2019 Calf stable visit from 10 to 13 o'clock
Since the herd was increased from 90 to 140 cows in 2014, the calf barn also had to be rebuilt and enlarged.  In order to save money, the family used many elements from the old barn. The family has been working with Urban products for over 30 years. At the calf feeder Urban Alma Pro of the newest generation the family particularly likes the simple, clear operation via the 12" screen and the independence of feeding times. In the barn 2 stations with parallel drinking system were installed.
The calf barn has space for 35 calves and 3 group boxes. In the rear part of the group boxes, 2 large capacity hutches were installed to provide the calves with a protected resting area.
It was particularly important to the family that the calves are provided with plenty of fresh air and light. The Haye family is looking forward to your visit on 07.11.2019 in Brake!