Feeding robot ensures rearing success

From a piggery to a well-designed and automated calf barn

Haverkamp GbR lies in the middle of the beautiful green meadows of the district of Oldenburg, Lower Saxony. Covered with moorland, meadows and forests, it is a typical agricultural region. The farm has been in the Haverkamp family since the 15th century and today is managed by brothers Jan and Eike and their father Ingo Haverkamp. The main focus of the farm has always been on dairy cattle, but they also used to rear fattening pigs. However, they decided to focus solely on dairy cattle. The dairy cattle herd is made up of Holstein Frisian cows, with 10% spotted cattle. Mating is carried out in partnership with CRV Deutschland GmbH. They pay attention to creating a good foundation and excellent milk yield. Currently the farm yields 10,660 l of milk per cow per year. The family sells around 30 heifers to other farms in the region over the course of the year. Every three weeks, CRV visits the farm to carry out pregnancy tests but the Haverkamps perform the artificial insemination of their heifers themselves.