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We know the day-to-day challenges involved in professional livestock rearing inside out. And we know there's more to it than just feeding. Equally as important if not more so are questions such as: What requirements are there? What does the ideal barn for calves, lambs or kids look like? And how is the optimum location configured?

Urban considers rearing holistically. Our extensive experience enables us to offer you comprehensive advice. And we can support you in planning your barn concept – even on site. Our advisory package includes financing support in addition to our in-depth service package. Whatever your needs, Urban is by your side.

Planning the perfect barn. To enable you to succeed.

We assist you in planning your lamb, kid and calf rearing systems. Wondering what the livestock barn of the future looks like? Together, we investigate the architecture of your barn, how your animals are organised and whether the current conditions really fulfil all your requirements. Urban is by your side for each step on your unique journey to success.

We’re here for you.

If you have questions about one of our products, need technical support or want to have a no-obligation discussion with one of our advisers, we’re here for you.

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