We're here for you every day.

Day-to-day life on the farm tends to be a closely timed operation. Humans and animals exist in harmony thanks to well-established routines. So when something goes wrong, time is of the essence. The good news is, you can reach us seven days a week. Regardless of whether you need some quick technical advice or one of our engineers to come on site, we're here for you.

Just as we’re here for our partners and dealers. Do you have a question about logistics? Or perhaps your dealer login doesn’t work? Please feel free to get in touch. Together, we’ll find the solution to your problem.

Because we understand
the importance of good service.

Trust plays an important role in a farm business. Each team member, even each animal knows its place and always knows exactly what to do, when. It’s a complex system that works based on mutual trust. We only step in if something happens out of your ordinary daily routine.

If you're having problems with one of our machines, you can contact us straight away. You can reach us a minimum of twelve hours a day, seven days a week. Sometimes we’ll be able to guide you over the phone to rectify a small error. And if it turns out to be a little trickier, we’ll send one of our engineers to you as quickly as possible. You can rely on us to fix it while you concentrate on the essentials.

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