The optimum lamb or kid barn concept.
As unique as your group of lambs or kids.

In addition to optimum feeding, the focal point and foundation of a modern lamb or kid rearing system is the barn. Through a combination of our experience and your hard work, we create the optimum conditions for your animals. A coherent barn design will always have a positive effect on the health and hygiene of your lambs or kids.

What’s more, the way your animals are grouped can have a serious impact on the number of hours you work. We’ll find the best model for you and pave the way to your success!

Tailored and customised to your requirements.
The ideal barn for lambs and kids.

Status quo

First, we take stock of the situation. Are there already some structures you’d like to work on? What is the key issue for you? The health of your lambs and/or kids? Or the structural design of your barn? We analyse the status quo, integrate your ideas with our own concept and take stock of the situation together. Because each barn is unique.

The process

Our experienced advisers visit you on site to review our ideas together, so that you can decide whether you like them and to what extent they are feasible. A clear emphasis is placed on optimising your lamb or kid rearing system. A perfectly coordinated barn concept not only benefits your animals, but also you and your team. Because it makes your daily work easier and reduces the number of hours you spend on tasks. We find the best solution for your rearing system.

The aim

In planning and implementing new designs for lamb and kid barns, our aim is to make a significant contribution towards ensuring that livestock are reared professionally, compassionately and profitably. The key is in adapting the barn to the specific needs of your group of lambs or kids. Our holistic approach to consulting incorporates housing, feeding and health matters. In close consultation with you, we develop the ideal lamb or kid barn concept – including all the necessary products – to ensure the welfare of your animals as well as your personal success.

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