The way to a custom concept for your calf barn.
For optimum rearing conditions.

“Is renovating my barn actually worth it?” is a question we are often asked. And there is no right answer unfortunately. However, we are convinced that when planning your calf barn, it all depends on getting the fundamentals right. If you can meet all the requirements for professional, success-driven calf rearing, you have already completed the first step.

A well-thought-out, well-tested concept immediately increases efficiency. The standard of health within a group of calves remains constant, your work hours are reduced and success sets in. There is no “one size fits all” solution, but that’s a good thing, because each calf barn is as unique as a group of calves itself. Together, we’ll develop the best model for you.

Tailored and customised to your requirements.
The ideal calf barn.

Status quo

Let’s talk! Are there any structures you’d like to change? Do you want to improve health levels within your calf barn? Whether you are concerned with hygiene issues or are unhappy with how your calf groups are organised, we analyse the current situation on your farm and take your desired improvements on board. Because no two barns are the same.

The process

We come and visit you in person. Our experienced advisers work with you to challenge the existing infrastructure on your farm. We examine all the key aspects and provide a recommended course of action that is straightforward and without obligation. The emphasis is placed on specific optimisations to your particular calf barn. This not only benefits your animals, but also you and your team. After all, an optimised set-up will make your day-to-day work perceptibly easier and will noticeably reduce your work hours. Our Urban promise is to find the best solution for your rearing system.

The aim

Our extensive experience in planning and implementing calf barn designs has enabled us to make a significant impact on the way calves are reared today. The key is in adapting the barn to the specific needs of your group of calves. Our holistic approach to consulting incorporates feeding, health, hygiene and housing matters. In close consultation with you, we develop the ideal calf barn concept to ensure the welfare of your animals as well as your personal success.

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