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Our experience forms the basis of our innovations. A single vision: To modernise the industry.

Here in Wüsting, we are very proud to be a family-run, global company. Since 1984, we have been building on our experience with the goal of continually improving our products. This is why we never look backwards, only forwards.

What drives us is a combination of traditional and modern approaches that can revolutionise an entire industry. Technological innovations that are an asset to every farm. We see ourselves as a young, future-focused company.

Because we aim tirelessly to develop solutions that are always efficient and tailored to needs. Because our ideas have made a lasting impact on the way in which calves, lambs and kids are reared. Because we at Urban think holistically. We cover all aspects that are crucial in rearing livestock in a precise, profit-orientated manner. We have the health and development of your animals in mind just as much as the optimum housing conditions. We combine the tried-and-tested with the new to enable future-proof lamb, kid and calf rearing.

Modern technology for sustainable livestock rearing.

The roots of our family business are in agriculture. Treating life with respect is part of our DNA. This mindset plays an important role in the product development process here at Urban. Within the feeding domain, it enables rations to be specifically tailored to each animal. This promotes animal health while also preventing waste. What’s more, we place an emphasis on sourcing local materials, making transportation more efficient and ensuring all our products are sustainable and durable.

High-quality machines for efficient value creation.

Ultimately, our motivation at Urban lies in making your day-to-day work as a farmer as efficient as possible. We draw on your valuable practical experience as we develop and manufacture our solutions. This enables us to bring solutions to the market that are clear-cut and tailored to needs. What’s more, we regularly gain important insights from our collaborations with modern trial farms and other experts.

Proud of our traditions. But always in flux.

At Urban, we know where our roots lie. But more importantly, we never forget where we're going. Stagnation does not exist at Urban. We move intentionally with the times, set benchmarks with our ideas and are always on the look-out for new developments. Equally as informative is our work with students who gain their first work experience at our company and conduct valuable research at the same time. A symbiosis that flows into the constant optimisation of our products. Your farm ultimately benefits from this too – in that it future-proofs calf, lamb and kid rearing as a business.

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