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Urban GmbH & Co.KG - Auf der Striepe 9 - 27798 Wüsting

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Automatic calf feeders from Urban

Feeding technology for calves since 1984

Since 1984 the company Urban has been developing, producing and distributing calf feeders, calf milk mixers, concentrate stations as well as animal-friendly rearing systems for calves. The machines like the MilkShuttle and CalfMom are in use worldwide and set standards in modern calf rearing since three decades. 

Automatic calf feeder from Urban

The well thought–out details of the Urban calf feeders offer the following advantages:

  • Saving time in calf feeding 
  • Monitoring of the health of the calves 
  • Cost efficient  and higher profitability

Efficient feeding of the calves with systems of Urban

With the Urban automatic feeders enables the fully automatic feeding of your calves. We present you several systems that have proved successful several times in rearing calves.  


The CalfMom

The automatic calf feeder feeds the calf not only with milk, but monitors also the health of the calf  – just like a mother. Once the machine registered behavioral problems in feeding it will raise the alarm immediately and you can react on time.

The MilkShuttle

The MilkShuttle is an electrically powered  solution to transport the milk. It lets you transport the milk to the calves conveniently without effort and to almost any location.

Modern feeding technology from Urban

Our systemsolutions for feeding calves meet the highest quality standards. You benefit from economic advantages like saving time in rearing calves. Another  plus: calves fed by our systems of feeding technology are healthy and vital; calf death losses are low. The quality features of our feeding technology at a glance:


CalfMom Paula and Alma:

  • flexible integration in every barn and expandable with practical accessories
  • can be developed to a centrally controlled  feeder network for larger live stocks
  • best hygiene: cleaning program with two different rinsing agents and integrated teat cleaning
  • compact, frost-resistant stainless steel housing
  • Highest material and production quality



  • Highest material and production quality
  • Exact mixing temperature
  • Well thought-out details
  • Exact dosing
  • Strong electric drive.

Urban – Your partner in calf raising with solutions for feeding and housing 

Urban feeding technology and rearing systems, for example the Calf hutches, are in use worldwide in more than 40 countries on all five continents. The factory is located in Wüsting, in Northern Germany. Here, Urban produces all its products like the feeders CalfMom "Alma" and "Paula" as well as its milk carrier "Milkshuttle". Here the experts for advices concerning calf rearing, animal feeding and outdoor environmental housings are located. Please feel free to contact us, if you have questions about the Urban automatic calf feeders. Please send us through our Contact Form.